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Jumps Pit Now Up and Running At Knights Grange In Winsford

Jumps Coach Neil Templeman is delighted to see that the jumps pit is now up and running at Knights Grange Track in Winsford.  The picture above shows the jumps pit as it was being built and in a couple of weeks when the weather is nicer, there will be a photo of the completed runway and jumps pit.

Neil Templeman would personally like to thank Harry Evans (Club President) and the local Council Vale Royal Borough Council for the development of the runway and jumps pit at a cost of just under 15,000 which will be used extensively by the club.

Neil is delighted because it will save him lots of petrol money on travelling to different clubs outside of the borough to train at proper facilities and secondly he will be able to spend more time concentrating on younger athletes and promote jumps even more.

Secondly, younger athletes will be able to see the UK number 1 in triple jump for the under 17 age group training at the local track and it may encourage other athletes to participate in jumps at the club.

Once again, Neil would like to thank the local council for all their efforts in this development which will be a great platform to improve jumpers and to introduce new athletes to jumps.