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Vale Royal Athletic Club

Club Require New Sprints And Throws Coaches


Club President Harry Evans wishes to recruit new coaches at the club, especially in the disciplines of sprints and throws to deal with the increasing numbers of athletes who wish to sprint or throw.

Recently there has been many requests for javelin thrower, however, the club is very lucky to have a throws coach, yet the throws coach has a dedicated group of throwers who are established in discus and shot putt. 

Club President Harry Evans added that the current throws coach cannot cut himself into three and coach everyone at the same time, as he does the coaching like all our coaches at the club and that is on a voluntary basis.

Anyone who would come to the club with a desire to coach would be asked to attending coaching courses and child protection courses along with a CRB (police) check which is a standard requirement to coach these days.

Harry Evans also asked if there were any coaches who are having a break from coaching and wish to reconsider coaching again, as long as they have a CRB check and a coaching licence, they are very welcome to come to the club and there is considerable opportunity, especially in the discipline of javelin.

There has been a recent upsurge in the numbers who wish to complete sprint training and again the sprints coach needs some assistance.