NSCCL Stafford Common Info: You MUST turn left when exiting


Dear Club Contact or League Official,

I am reiterating the fact that Stafford Harriers ask all vehicles to turn left when leaving Stafford Common - this is clearly stated on the instructions sheet for the venue (Click HERE).
After each season's visit to Stafford Common I get comments forwarded to me asking why we do not enforce it;
we do have a sign indicating "TURN LEFT", but it is not feasible to have someone "policing" this exit.

Through your Club's Social Media outlets, could you emphasize to the athletes and their family members that we require their co-operation.

It is dangerous to attempt a Right Turn, it could result in an accident and when turning left it is only 200 metres down to the roundabout, as is stated on the Venue Instructions.
The flow of traffic from the Car Park will be better if everyone turns left !!!!
Thanking you for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Graham Allen
NSCCL - Secretary