Club Membership - Important Information

Members Renewing - We need your Renewal Forms!!!

Several members have paid their subscriptions on line but have not submitted a form.
We need this form in order to be compliant with the new regulations on data protection (GDPR).
Without this form we can't register you with England Athletics and so you will not be able to compete!
Forms can be downloaded from the website HERE.


Renewal Deadline!

Also several members have yet to pay.
The official renewal date is the 1st April - so if you haven't renewed yet please submit your renewal form and payment as soon as possible.

If any members membership lapses on the 15th June their EA Registration will lapse and they will be removed from the EA portal and have their competition licence withdrawn.
In addition if the athlete wishes to rejoin the Club at any future date they will be charged a "Registration Fee" which will be an additional charge of £15.