Results & Photos from the National XC Championships

These were held on Sat 24th February at Parliament Hill London.

Report from Andy Carter:

First of all congratulations to Holly Smith who has been chosen to represent England Schools in the World School Championships on 4th April.
I am sure everyone will agree that this is well earned recognition for the amount of hard work Holly has put in over the past few years and her performances over that period - it is a great opportunity to pick up the experience of competing at the top level and mixing with athletes from other countries.
As I have said on previous occasions all of you should take Holly's selection as a positive for your own aspirations and continue the good work you are doing.

I must also mention the National Cross Country last Saturday - although we did not come away with any medals we did get some excellent performances and narrowly missed out both as individuals and as team.

In the U17 Women's race Holly was 4th*, Lucy 26th and Emily 36th - unfortunately Ellie was poorly all week but insisted on running but was suffering and was 100 places or so below where she had expected to be - even then the team still came 4th !

The U20 Men were in a similar position with Harry 21st*, Jacob 31st and Cameron 37th - again due to injury our 4th counter was a good 100 places below where we would expect to be and that cost us a team medal.

Other top class performances were Holly 6th* and Grace 21st in the U13 Girls - Will 26th in the U15 Boys, Ben 37th in the U17 Men, Francesca 38th in the U15 Girls, Matt 42nd* in the Senior Men out of over 2300 finishers !
Alex was 44th in the U17 Men, Patrick 50th and Jake 57th in the U13 Boys, Sarah 52nd in the Senior Women and Chloe Broad 58th in the Junior Women.

To come in the top 100 at the Nationals is a fine performance - so well done everybody and plenty of positives to take from the performances in London.

*Editors Note:
As a result of this event we now have another 4 new Cross Country Records.
Matt Sheen's 42nd place in the Senior Men smashes Stu Doyle's 98th from 3 years ago.
Harry Dexter's 21st place in the U20 Men's event surpasses Andy Clews' 26th place from 2011.
Holly Smith's 4th place in the U17 equals Megan Huxley from 2011, and...
Holly Weedall's 6th in the U13 event knocks out Megan's 10th place from 2007.
See the Club Records Page for the full picture!

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