New Club Kit and Increased Membership Discounts at Rosebank Sports

Following recent discussions we are delighted to announce that our official kit stockist Rosebank Sports now have a new range of kit in club colours.
This is manufactured by Ron Hill sports who have specialised in providing high quality running gear for several decades.
The committee have reviewed the kit and are extremely happy with the quality, range and pricing structure.
Click HERE for the current price list.

In addition we are also pleased to confirm that Rosebank have offered to increase the current discount available to club members from 10% to 15% on all purchases (excluding club kit) between £20 and £149 and to 20% on purchases of £150 of more.
Any members visiting Rosebank will receive a loyalty card which they can then produce on future visits to obtain the above discounts.

We also hope to announce further benefits in the near future including a spike trade-in scheme.

Also likely to be of interest to our members is the fact Rosebank have now converted their upstairs showroom into a treatment suite including a physio hub.

If you can get down there please pay Rosebank a visit at their shop in Northwich.
Meanwhile Tony and Jaynie are hoping to pay a visit to Knights Grange on a training night in the near future to showcase their stock.
They will also be at the club's annual race, the Pie and Peas, in their ongoing capacity as sponsors of this event.