VRAC Fundraising Ball 2016

Sat 10th Sept: It was a fantastic night for everyone at the VRAC fundraising ball tonight.

An album of photos and videos from the night can be found HERE
Thanks to Simon Bridge, Ann Collier, Nicky Dexter, Carolyn Dooley & Debbie Moreton

You will notice a recurring theme in these photos! Euan and Nic Dunbar initiated this event but unfortunately couldn't make it on the night as Euan is still recovering in hospital from an operation. All our thoughts were with you on the night - so please 'get well soon Euan'.

Huge thanks to those who put in a massive effort to make sure it happened - we all had a great time and it certainly paid off!

A final note (couldn't resist sorry!):

The proceedings were opened by Simon
Who's limericks redefined rhymin'
The standard of verse
Went from dodgy to worse
But we thank him for putting the time in!